Earl L. McGowen IV:

A Lawyer and Technology Analyst Who Works Hard for Himself, His Family, and His Community:

Hello, my name is Earl McGowen. I have a strong and diverse background. He has a broad background including: the US Navy, avionics, Database programming, finance, securities, business/technical analysis, technical writing, ghost writing, among many others. Technology and the law are his two biggest passions, besides his family - obviously!

Technology Analyst

I started my career as a avionics technician. Then I went into finance and technical writing where I quickly became a database developer. I have developed several client databases and programs saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. I have always been good at bringing processes and efficiencies to a job. Currently, I am writing about technology he writes on issues about technology. I have several clients that I do research and writing for. I specialize in SEO and blog writing. If you are interested in a professional well rounded legal web blogger or analyst, please contact Earl McGowen at 720-565-6924.


In law school, I took broad array of Law School classes, which included the year-long Criminal Defense Clinic. Most of the classes I took were computer and law related. I have done several legal jobs since graduation including documentation review and discovery research. Currently, I am ghost writing for lawfirms and websites